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In 1994 Joyce V. Markosky, P.E. started her own consulting engineering practice, working part time from home while taking care of her young and growing family.  As a mechanical engineer, she specialized in HVAC, plumbing and fire protection systems.  In 1999, her husband Mark A. Markosky, P.E. joined her practice and they began providing civil engineering services and moved their office out of their busy household!

Over the years, Markosky has grown to more than 85 full time professionals with locations in multiple states. We have also expanded our services to include construction inspection, traffic engineering, environmental consulting, cultural resources (archaeology and architectural history), and most recently, energy services as an addition to our environmental sciences department.


Joyce Markosky’s grandfather, John Robb, bought 80 acres of farmland along Route 711 in Ligonier Township, PA in 1920. In 1927 he married and shortly thereafter mail-ordered a house from the Aladdin Company of Bay City, Michigan, a “kit home” similar to those sold by Sears.  He built the house, a barn and other outbuildings and moved to the farm in 1928. He raised his family in the home and he and Joyce’s grandmother lived there for the rest of their lives. 

Over the years, pieces of the property were subdivided and sold.  The house and remaining property were sold by the family in 1989 and the home was a residential rental property for many years.



As we grew, Markosky was looking for a location to become a permanent home office and to bring our growing company together in one area. Joyce and husband Mark called friend, engineer, and builder, Kevin McVicker, who owned the house at that time. Kevin soon had a plan that seamlessly included the existing house!  The site layout necessitated moving the house back from Route 711 and adding a large addition to accommodate Markosky’s growing business.  Kevin’s company, Fort Construction Group, designed and built the office. 


The original features and layout of the home, including the wooden floors, doors and trim, were preserved.  Visitors are received at our reception area in the old living room, the dining room serves as our board room, and the upstairs bedrooms became three offices!  Beyond the old house, a more modern design provides both open and private work spaces for our engineers and designers.


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