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We provide Construction Service expertise in Construction Inspection and Construction Management.


Markosky provides transportation inspection services throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We have provided Construction Inspection services to PennDOT, PA Turnpike Commission, and other public, private and municipal clients. Our inspection staff has extensive understanding of PennDOT’s policies, regulations and procedures. They perform their duties in accordance with all applicable FHWA regulations, DOT publications and manuals, procedures, regulations and safety policies.


Our management TEAM has previous inspection experience which gives them extensive knowledge of what occurs during every project.  This experience is why collaboration between management and inspectors is so important at Markosky. A constant stream of communication leads to successful projects.

  • Conduct Progress Meetings

  • Attend Pre-Bid & Pre-Construction Meetings

  • False Work Review Submittals

  • Verify Project Records in Accordance with DOT Regulations

  • Safety/Accident Prevention

Collaborating with our Environmental Department, Markosky provides:

  • Environmental Monitoring 

  • Monitor Noise Complaints, Borrow/Waste Site Locations, Air/Water Quality & Vibration Complaints

  • Archaeological Monitoring During Construction

  • Soils Engineering, Sampling/Testing, Hazardous Material Monitoring/Testing

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